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Our mission is to nurture, fund and promote participation in the arts in Houston and Harris County.

Posted: October 31, 2002

| Cultural Arts Grants |

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| An Overview |

The Cultural Arts Council of Houston and Harris County seeks to advance the nonprofit arts industry in Greater Houston through its public/private partnership with the City of Houston. Our mission is to nurture, fund and promote participation in the arts in Houston and Harris County. We strive to support artistic programs that make Houston an attractive cultural destination.

Serving the Greater Houston area since 1977, the Cultural Arts Council's efforts directly benefit over 200 organizations and artists that are committed to providing quality artistic programming to residents and visitors to the Greater Houston area. The Cultural Arts Council's programs are supported principally by the City of Houston with additional funding from the Texas Commission on the Arts, Harris County, and the National Endowment for the Arts.

In FY03, the Cultural Arts Council awarded over $7 million in grants to nonprofit arts/cultural organizations and artists.

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| Grant Programs |

The Cultural Arts Council distributes its organizational grants through a competitive grant allocation programs. Applications for these grants are reviewed by external review panels, composed of inclusive groups of artists, arts administrators, finance professionals, business people, community volunteers and other, selected for their expertise and objectivity.

    | Our Categories |

    The Cultural Arts Council's Grant Program provides support to small, medium and large nonprofit arts and cultural organizations to assist in carrying out our mission of nurturing, funding and promoting participation in the arts, by both visitors and residents, in Houston and Harris County. The Grant Program supports the encouragement, promotion, improvement and application of the arts to promote tourism and the convention and hotel industry. Most of the funding is specific to nonprofit arts and cultural organizations, although small grants are available to other nonprofits that present or produce arts programs or events in our service area consistent with the promotion and enhancement of Houston as a cultural destination.

    The Cultural Arts Council also manages grants awarded by the City of Houston to the constituent organizations of the Museum and Theater Districts and to support public performances at Miller Outdoor Theatre.

    In addition, the Cultural Arts Council manages the City of Houston's Mayor's Initiative Mini Grant Program. This program offers funding to nonprofit organizations for Special Opportunities and Emergencies related to arts and cultural activities.

    To review our most recent organizational grant categories that are available to the nonprofit arts/cultural and non-arts organizations review our grants for organizations guidelines.

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| First Time Applicants |

Organizations or individual artist applying for the first time are required to attend a grant workshop and to meet with Grants staff for a consultation. Please call the Cultural Arts Council at (713) 527-9330 to make an appointment.

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| Need Assistance? |

Applicants with questions or needing assistance are encouraged to contact Grants and Services staff at (713) 527-9330 or to attend one of the grant workshops. You will be able to find a latest time planned schedule for the community through the grant guidelines. Click on the links below to open a copy of the guidelines, which are in acrobat reader format.

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| Funding Sources |

The Cultural Arts Council's Grant Program is funded primarily by the City of Houston through the Hotel Occupancy Tax. Each year, the City allocates 19 % of Hotel Occupancy Tax receipts to support arts and cultural organizations, as permitted by the Texas Tax Code, through an annual contract with the Cultural Arts Council.

The use of Hotel Occupancy Tax is defined in the Texas Tax Code, Chapter 351. Per state law, revenue from the municipal Hotel Occupancy Tax may be used only to promote tourism and the convention and hotel industry. Among the permitted uses are the following related to arts and cultural activity:

  • The encouragement, promotion, improvement, and application of the arts, including instrumental and vocal music, dance, drama, folk art, creative writing, architecture, design and allied fields, painting, sculpture, photography, graphic and craft arts, motion pictures, radio, television, tape and sound recording, and other arts related to the presentation, performance, execution, and exhibition of these major art forms [Texas Tax Code Section 351.101 (a)(4)]

  • Historical restoration and preservation projects or activities or advertising and conducting solicitations and promotional programs to encourage tourists and convention delegates to visit preserved historic sites or museums at or in the immediate vicinity of convention center facilities or visitor information centers or located elsewhere in the municipality or its vicinity that would be frequented by tourists and convention delegates [Texas Tax Code Section 351.101 (a)(5)]

Organizations applying for and receiving Hotel Occupancy Tax funds are required to adhere to the state laws governing the use of such funds. Only organizations based in the City of Houston are eligible to receive Hotel Occupancy Tax for activities that meet the purposes described above. The complete details of the State of Texas Hotel Occupancy Tax Code may be found at www.capitol.state.tx.us/statutes/ta/ta0035100.html.

The second largest source of funds for the Cultural Arts Council's Grant Program is the Texas Commission on the Arts through its Decentralization Program. This TCA program provides per capita based funding to designated local arts agencies that operate a grants distribution system compatible with that of the state. Organizations based in Harris County (unincorporated areas and all municipalities except Pasadena) are eligible for TCA Decentralization funds.

Harris County also provides funding for grants offered for regional touring / presenting in the county. All Houston and Harris County based groups are eligible to apply for touring grants.

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For grants information, please contact our grant staff at (713) 527-9330 or visit their website for a staff directory at www.cachh.org/staff.html.

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