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Our mission is to nurture, fund and promote participation in the arts in Houston and Harris County.

Posted: October 31, 2002

| Who We Are |

The Cultural Arts Council of Houston and Harris County is an independent, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that serves as the City of Houston's official arts agency. In addition, we serve the unincorporated areas of Harris County and the various municipalities that are incorporated within the boundaries of Harris County. We seek to advance the nonprofit arts industry in Greater Houston, providing financial support and technical assistance, to ensure that citizens and visitors to the area have access to a broad and diverse cultural programs - from avant garde theatre to traditional music to fine arts exhibitions.

Principally funded by the City of Houston through the Hotel Occupancy Tax, the Cultural Arts Council also receives public support from the Texas Commission on the Arts, Harris County and the National Endowment for the Arts. Our programs and services are also supported by contributions from our board of directors, foundations and individuals committed to advancing the arts in the Greater Houston area.

The Cultural Arts Council provides grants and technical assistance services to arts organizations and individual artists and offers a program of civic art and design dedicated to improving the region's physical environment through the inclusion of art in infrastructure projects.

| History |

The Cultural Arts Council of Houston/Harris County (CACHH) was founded in 1977 through the efforts of then-Mayor Fred Hofheinz and a group of civic-minded community and business leaders who believed that the arts organizations in the City deserved a consistent level of support. At the time, Houston had for some years been providing financial support to a number of arts organizations through the City's General Fund. The rationale for this support was that the arts and culture of the city were appreciated as an aid to the community's quality of life and to business growth and to Houston's national and international prestige.

Committed to supporting the arts yet concerned about fluctuations in the availability of funds through the General Fund, the Chamber of Commerce and City leaders had been looking for another funding model since the late 1960s. With the passage of state legislation in the 1970s allowing municipalities to fund the arts through the Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT), the groundwork for the creation of an independent entity, charged with support of the arts, was laid. Thus, the Cultural Arts Council of Houston/Harris County was created, awarding close to $1 million in grants in its first cycle of operations. In this first cycle, 11 established organizations and 30 new and emerging groups received grant funding through the Cultural Arts Council's nascent grant program.

Twenty-five years later, the Cultural Arts Council's grant program has expanded to over $7 million, principally through its long-standing public/private partnership with the City of Houston. Annually, our grants and development services to the nonprofit arts industry reach over 200 nonprofit organizations and artists.

| Staff Directory |

The Cultural Arts Council of Houston/Harris County is staffed by professionals with diverse backgrounds, all committed to advancing the role of the arts in Greater Houston. Click on this link to review our staff directory

For more information or comments, please e-mail info@cachh.org.

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